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Karrie Hahn

School Services Specialist


(513) 815-8367


On March 13th, our CEO sent the above message to partner school leaders regarding the effects of the pandemic on Sevenstar.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sevenstar remaining open for business?

Yes. Thankfully, since our platforms and instruction are fully online, and because our staff and instructors can work remotely for 100% of job tasks, we will continue to serve schools and students through these uncertain times. 

Will there be delays in assignment grading, student/instructor appointments, or the conferring of credit?

We do not anticipate any delays in assignment grading, student/instructor appointments, or the conferring of course credit. Should any issues arise, we will remain in close communication with our schools and students. Please regularly check your email account (including your junk/spam folder) for communications from Sevenstar.

What if a student is impacted in any way due to the COVID-19 virusĀ and falls behind in coursework? What if a delay puts the student past the maximum amount of time a course?

Students should continue working diligently in courses during this period of social distancing. If a student becomes ill and is not able to continue working in his/her course(s), please have a school representative contact Sevenstar administration as soon as possible. Sevenstar will work together with the school to determine how best to support the student depending on the individual circumstances.

Will students in AP courses still be able to take the AP exams?

You can gain information on plans for AP exams by directly visiting the CollegeBoard website.

If a Sevenstar instructor becomes ill, how will students be able to finish their courses?

If an instructor becomes ill to the degree that he/she needs time to recuperate, Sevenstar will assign a new instructor for the course. Students working in courses should not experience any course disruption if this occurs. 

Do you offer quarter credits?

Sevenstar offers 0.5 credit courses and 1 credit courses. Quarter credits are not available.

Can my student take an unplanned break/delay during a course?

Yes, students may take an unplanned break or delay the start of a course that has been ordered. The total amount of time in the course may not exceed 6 months for 0.5 credit or 12 months for 1.0 credit. The school or guardian that enrolled the student into the course should notify the Enrollment Team of this request. A student should communicate with his/her instructor as soon as possible to develop a plan to get back on track.

How can we get support for technical issues?

School personnel and students can submit a ticket to Sevenstar for technical issues in courses. This can be done by clicking on "User Support Portal" in the individual's Maestro account. Students can also submit a ticket by clicking on the ticket icon in their course in Buzz. School personnel may also submit a ticket by email

Frequent Questions from School Leaders

What should our school do regarding proctored semester exams?

In light of school closures, Sevenstar's recommendation for proctored semester exams is as follows:

  • Your school staff member(s) responsible for monitoring student progress should continue to monitor progress and use the student grade books in your Buzz observer account to see when semester exams are coming up for students.
  • Assuming that a school staff member was previously identified as the proctor, Sevenstar instructors will still send the exam password to the proctor that the student designated on the proctor form (completed as a course assignment in the grade book).

  • Schools will need to give the exam password to parents and allow the parents to proctor exams from home. This will allow for the recommended social distancing and prevent unnecessary email communication that could become confusing or delay students receiving the exam password.

  • Schools should clearly communicate to parents the role of the proctor, which can be found on the Sevenstar website here (scroll down to section titled Proctored Semester Exams).

  • Additionally, it is important to tell parents that students should NOT be allowed to see the exam password at any time. 

  • It would also be helpful to tell parents that if they run into any issues during the exam, they should email support@sevenstar.org and copy school personnel on the email to make sure that you are in the loop.

How do I add or remove a staff member's Maestro account?

If a staff member at your school is no longer affiliated with your school or the online program, please request that Sevenstar remove his/her Maestro account by completing the Update Maestro Roles Form. This form should also be completed if you need to add a Maestro account for a staff member.

How can we provide training resources to parents to help them monitor student progress in online courses?

Sevenstar has created a Parent Guide to Online Courses and Progress Monitoring. Schools can share this resource directly with parents to assist them in monitoring their child's progress. 

How can I send students their login information?

School staff members can send this information to a student by logging in to their Maestro account and performing the following steps:

    1. Click on the "Students" tab on the main menu of your Maestro homepage.
    2. Click on the name of the student who needs login information. 
    3. On the lefthand menu under "Student Home," click on "Edit Student."
    4. Scroll down the student's information page. Click on the button that says "Send Maestro Credentials."