From Sevenstar's COO and Head of School

    As an online provider, Sevenstar is uniquely positioned to continue uninterrupted operations despite the current pandemic. However, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to spread, we understand that many of those whom we serve are more significantly impacted than we are. 
    Whether you are a leader of a school with which we partner or a parent/guardian of a student enrolled in Sevenstar Academy, we want to be of any assistance we can during this unprecedented chapter. We have already fielded many questions about how external circumstances have effected schools and families we serve. On this site, we have compiled answers to many of the most frequently asked questions and provided some resources to help you navigate our partnership in the weeks and months ahead. 

    Please select your respective audience from the buttons below my photo or from the navigation menu above to be directed to resources most appropriate to serve you. As always, if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to make contact with our team.


Brett Henry

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